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Salience is a Brand management, Strategic development, Digital marketing and Advertising consultancy based in Cape Town, that specialises in delivering innovative business solutions.


Salience: “most noticeable or important.”

Founded in 2007, Salience quickly made a name for itself in the Western Cape. The experience of the founder Bjørn Buyst, in FMCG and Franchise industry, resulted in a small company with a wealth of knowledge in Brand Development and Consumer Experience. Due to the rapid changing marketing environment the agency changed from a medium sized advertising agency to a Specialised Brand Strategic Agency.

It was in this period of change that Salience build a reputation for a hands on experience with their clients. They now create for clients in: South Africa, UK, Belgium, Spain and The Netherlands. Soon they realised the dynamics of their business is unique and since 2014 have profiled themselves as specialists in an International playing field of Brand Strategic Development. Where else can a client find a company who understands small & large businesses, their customers path to purchase, Franchisees and basic corporate principles mixed in a service that is adjusted to the scale of the client?

Salience works and worked with large corporate companies as well as start up businesses that need the expertise on a project or full time base. Some of our clients require us to project manage their brand strategy and branding at business start up. We understand the upwards and downwards spirals SMEs find themselves in. Why Brand Consistency, and how to gauge Consumer Brand Sentiment is of utmost importance for a successful business.

Read below what our clients say about us and then get in touch to see how we can assist taking your Brand to where you feel it should be!


Brand Strategy

Strategise every step carefully to ensure you reach your markets effectively

Digital Strategy

Essential to any strategy, targeted and measurable, just what a brand needs to stay ahead!

Visual Experience

What you see and like needs to appeal to the targeted markets,

Web Development

The user experience on a website is essential what turns your “like” into a buyer

Digital Marketing

Get your Brand out there. Be ready to market the Brand in a highly competitive environment.

Brand Implementation

 Nothing happens if all these plans are not carefully implemented, at the right time!

Working with Salience has been and continues to be a pleasure. They react efficiently and effectively to design briefs and are available around the clock, which for a dynamic business that I like to think of mine as, is often a necessity. Unlike my previous experiences with design agencies and teams, Salience actually care about the work they put out there. Briefs are not only given a creative design look and feel that might garner the ideal reaction from a client like myself, but there is often a thorough explanation as to how this design is to be integrated in our online and offline marketing plans.

There is always a strategy that has been considered and proposed as to why the direction of the design being proposed is such and then how it can grow with the business and any verticals that may exist.

This kind of careful thinking and close regard for client relationships is uncommon and something I plan to maintain for the foreseeable future.

Darryn Welch - Founder of OkoBay Ventures and Instinctive Film








It has been our pleasure to work with Salience for a number of years. We started of when we wanted to adopt our business to a Franchise model, Salience was recommended by Franchise Plus and we have never looked back since. The ability to collaborate with a strong team whose strategic creativity knows no boundaries. Our positive relationship can be seen in the success our newly developed Brand has had, we are a known brand in our area and people are referring to our Brand name, what was accomplished in a very short period of time. Salience immerse themselves in, understand our stock complexities, and think together with us.

The ability to work on all our different media has been impressive, from signage development to social media, they deliver a product far better than you could have ever imagined. Their Branding ideas are simple, well designed and very effective. We are delighted to call Salience Creative Thinking one of our key suppliers and to have had such a long and successful partnership with them.

We believe that they are one of the best Strategic Creative teams in the Western Cape. Regards.

Lourens van Zyl - PLiC Plastics

Our firm has been working with Bjorn Buyst of Salience for six years. Salience has assisted two clients specifically, Battery Clinic and PLIC, with the development of their corporate identity and associated marketing strategies and plans. Salience produces work of high quality and they are totally client eccentric. Specifically, Bjorn Buyst will spend additional time and energy to ensure that client needs are met.

Salience also works well with us as external service providers to these clients and also keeps us informed of important decisions as it may pertain to our consulting projects. We would happily recommend Salience as an agency that produces quality and creative work to meet client needs.

Anita Du Toit - Franchising Plus

When we went looking for a creative agency to work on our brand concept, we did not know where to start. As a small start-up franchise we needed reassurance, Salience Strategic gave us a complete plan for what was needed to create the brand as per our advertising script.

We have such a colorful brand that stands out to all the rest, together with a fantastic mascot. Many thanks to Bjorn Buyst who has been brilliant from the start and who had so much patience with us throughout all the jobs.

Steve Huysamen - Battery Clinic



Bjørn/Salience was tasked with taking the image and dream I had of a new company brand and making it reality, which he did surpassing my expectations. The brief was to develop a brand that was far removed from our current company and yet to keep the ethos of the business as the core.

Salience and I started with an Idea and a story. Through workshops, meetings and calls he produced a brand that speaks to our people, is instantly recognisable and is something we are proud of.

I could not be happier with the work that Bjorn has produced in a calm and professional manner. He stuck to the brief produced a very concise and clear brand strategy. The brand manual is very comprehensive and his advice has been invaluable.

ThornTree will be forever grateful. I would give my recommendation gladly.


Alan Russell - ThornTree Group


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